Mobile Marketing

The internet is no longer confined in buildings, homes and offices; it’s walking around and you want your brand to be made available no matter where your audience is. We help you get higher visibility and easier accessibility among your audience so that reach you whenever they want you.

Yash Infinite Solutions can help you with creating various strategies, campaign development, partner selection, execution and performance analysis.

Mobile is the latest emerging media and businesses have high hopes of effectively reaching mobile audience and getting the best marketing edge out of it. With the advent of  Smart feature rich phones the mobile marketing space has become more interesting. Apps , games, Full browsing capabilities, Videos and rich media has become superbly possible, thus enhancing the opportunity of effective advertising through mobile.

Did you know that over 1.3 million Android devices are being activated every day? And what is YOUR share of audience in that huge market?

Next to nothing.

All those people out there, just waiting to become your customer And here you are, wondering whether or not you should invest in mobile apps. There is absolutely no question about it  with a majority of these Android users being part of the mass market, there is so much you can achieve. All you need is the correct agency to help you out.

And since we’re here, that’s one less headache for you right there. We give you mobile apps which are easy to use, intuitive, and cater to different user platforms. We also align your apps with your business goals and IT strategy, enabling them to be compatible with multiple mobile devices.

Each and every app that we create brings with it a unique set of challenges. For ex. your app should load quickly, not experience any lag, accomplish the tasks of users quickly, and also help them exit it quite as efficiently. Confronting and overcoming such tasks has become an integral part of our working methodology, which ultimately leads to the success of our mobile applications.

We evaluate habits of mobile users which help us create apps that connect with your target audience, while our ready-to-use components help in minimizing all efforts and maximizing your ROI.

As more and more consumers are using mobiles for to have everything at their fingertips, the fine lines between advertising and transactions are blurring. Mobile phones have altered consumer lifestyles, and it’s up to you to step up your game and take it to the next level.

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