If you’re a multi-crore company, then media planning is a piece of cake for you, you’ll invest in all major marketing platforms, analyze and understand them, and finally, you’ll further your funds in only those channels that give you maximum ROI. But if you’re a much smaller firm with tight strings around your budget, then such a magnanimous attitude can cost you a lot. Quite literally.

Q. Do you know what the best way is to find and target your market well within your budget?
A. Yes. By getting in touch with Yash Infinite Solutions .

We know the pulse of consumers the social networking sites that they hang out in, their hubs, their likes and dislikes, and more such stuff like that. Here’s a more organized view of what we’ll do:

  • First off, we’ll try to understand any existing marketing problems that your business is facing. For example, you might be marketing on the wrong virtual platform, thus not giving you good traffic. Or worse, it’s not there on any virtual media.
  • Then we’ll identify the most beneficial media marketing area for you. We find where the potential for increased business lies, which markets offer you the best opportunities. Blogs, forums, social networking sites etc  we will cover everything for you!
  • We then define your market, permitting you to reach large numbers of people on a national and international level.
  • We do all of this in a uniquely creative manner, with media strategies that are different for each and every single one of our clients.
  • Analytics, research etc are part of the process.
  • Your media markets requirements are translated into achievable profits.

And the last step for you (and us) is: Ka-ching! – kon-vorting


Media buying is not a DIY option for most businesses. It entails evaluating complexities like algorithmic functions, thorough research, analytics, running to and fro time and again just to get your perfect ad spot within your budget. Now, if you spent that kind of time, energy and money on Yash Infinite Solutions , you’d still get the same results, albeit in the comfort of your home

  • We possess in-depth knowledge about various local, national and global media vehicles, which makes us adept at recognizing the best digital space for you to advertise about yourself.
  • It’s risky running your own media campaign and purchasing digital space if you’ve never done it before. You have to know how to handle whom, because it’s crucial to getting the right negotiated price for your ad space.
  • Not everybody has experts at their disposal who possess skill sets that are essential to moving forward with media buying. Even if you’re mildly good at media buying, we ask you is your knowledge updated? Do you possess current and relevant information about who to approach and when? Which ad space will give you the maximum ROI?
  • Yash Infinite Solutions brings in invaluable feedback to you and also helps you implement it in the most efficient manner.
  • We bring to you the best prices via aggressive rate negotiations with the right people.
  • Having us gives you the added benefit of adding value elements to your media buying  like keeping in mind your target audience and being visible to them in such a manner that gives you the maximum sales from them. Having a pro by your side must be sound like a good option right now, right?
  • Our tracking tools will provide you with a standard level of metrics. We make use of unique coding behind each creative unit/each placement, and measure the success of your ads after they’ve been place. This helps us in helping you come up with an even better strategy the next time round.

Very few digital marketing agencies can boast of having case histories that incorporate the use of social media and appealing ad spaces in a manner which yields maximum results. Believe us when we say that we procure media real estate at the most optimal placement and prices for you.

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