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Digital marketing today has become a vast arena which continues to expand rapidly, Formulate your digital marketing strategy now or risk getting left behind!

Company’s today have a large number of digital channels which can be used to have a dialogue and engage their consumer. The key differentiator of digital marketing is that it allows people/ consumers to be selective about what brands they choose to interact with.

Digital marketing today has become a vast arena which continues to expand rapidly. Companies need to formulate their digital marketing strategy carefully before jumping onto the next big trend that becomes hot. The key elements to consider when listening and observing, before formulating a digital engagement strategy are:

People/Consumer Who are they? What are their values? What motivates them? How do they behave?
Location Who are they? Are they just an Observer? Are they a Participant? Or are they Active Contributor?
Influence Reach of conversation? Authority of dialogue and site? Volume and amount of buzz? Sentiment – (positive, negative, neutral)?
Brand Association Are they inquisitive and looking for info? Are they about to commit to the Brand? Are they loyal brand advocates? Are they brand opponents?

Yash Infinite Solutions is here to help company’s choose the right way to address these multiple media channels, and maintain consistency of the brand while doing so.


No matter how efficient or impressive your website is, if it’s not in the eyes of the users, it meant nothing. The main purpose of focusing on various effectual techniques to design a comprehensive website is to attract users towards your product and services. But, due to the subsistence of uncountable other websites on the World Wide Web, it is not that easy to reach to your targeted users until unless your website is not embedded with all the latest technologies and tactics to boost your web presence. Search engine optimization, an advanced tool used to effect one’s page ranking by several organic and paid methods on the various search engine’s results. It has now become an important online marketing tool to captivate all the marketing potentials of your website.

It involves techniques and strategies to get your website appear at the top of the engines when visitors type in keyword(s) on the search engines. You have to make your site a relevant target or destination for every search that relates to your site or business. Unlike the sponsored links that are normally listed either at the top or the right hand side of a search page (pay per click), with natural or organic listing you are ranked on the search engines 24 hours a day without paying the engines.

Actually, have you ever thought that what makes those results to appear on the top? It is what SEO is known for. Following several guidelines of this ingenious technique, a great online impact is just a few steps away.

It requires a prodigious deal of proficiency to implement all the influential fundamentals of search engine optimization to produce fruitful results and only a professional organization can assist you to achieve all your sound business perspectives. Yash Infinite Solutions is a group of some extremely endowed and experienced professionals working for a number of national and international clients and providing them with intensely tremendous optimizing results.

SEO has experienced numerous changes in the last few years followed by a number of amendments in its execution and it is not easy to stay in touch with all the recent tools. We, at Yash Infinite Solutions, leave no technology untouched since we believe that befitting services can only be delivered by having a strong command on all the concurrent technological aspects. At any point of time, you can have a brief discussion over the running project since it even helps us to create the results as per client’s demands.


Yahoo! has been one of the pioneers in the world of content savvy websites and is among the top content web-leaders in the world. It serves content related to a variety of tastes and cultures and has strong presence in the rich content and news content market. You can take advantage of the wide variety of content and the amazing array of demography that Yahoo! serves.

You can test the marketing waters within the Yahoo! Eco System by advertising your business on Yahoo! Search, Bing, and other such search engines sites. This way, you can be more visible to potential clients who search for your products and services online through these engines. In partnership with Bing from Microsoft, Yahoo! continues to innovate in the area of ad formats, and monetization opportunities in search, thus giving its advertisers enhanced visibility, increased reach, and improved ROI.

Advertising on Yahoo! Search and Bing:

  • Sends targeted leads to all types of businesses.
  • Is extremely powerful because it places your ad on search results pages that are relevant to your business, helping you target clients who are searching for what you sell.
  • They are designed to maximize the returns on your investment. You pay only when your ad is clicked on.
  • Focuses on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your search campaigns.

Whether you’re interested in search advertising, or want it to be part of an integrated campaign, we can help you execute your media plan with ease. Yash Infinite Solutions  can help you get optimized leverage from the Yahoo! Search marketing system and help you realize your business goals.


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